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Venmo: @zachjonholden


I dream of a world where we all live and create outside the confines of capitalist obligations. To that end, I strive to make my art without the goal of amassing wealth or obtaining property. I share music and creative work that brings joy, knowledge, and relief -- not only for free -- but outside the influence of predatory companies, unsustainable business practices, and selfish monied interests. Hopefully, this radical individual act will be but one within a larger on-going movement to reshape our world into a vision of equity, sustainability, and communal solidarity. 


For now, it's a capitalist world in which we live and I must survive. But everything I am given I share through transparency (see: actual budget), charity, and art. If you are moved to aid in this quest, donate on Venmo or Patreon and your gift will help fuel the search for a creatively free and community driven world.