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My name is Zach and my purpose in life is to share joy, knowledge, and relief. For me, that means writing and performing all sorts of music, with a little bit of acting tossed in there too. I made this website so I could share all my creations with you, free of charge. Enjoy!


Check out my catalog of videos and compositions on my MUSIC page. Everything is available to download for free!


 I host a "new music" live-stream every 3rd Sunday which you can find on the EVENTS page.

(P.S. - I have a new project coming up that will be announced there soon.) 

I have some alternative ideas about how to do the whole money thing. So if you're curious, take a look at my mission and current budget on my FINANCES page. 

If you like what you see/hear and would like to work together - reach out on the CONTACT page.

That's also where you can find my *acting* information.